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Sizzunday bizzness


You thought I'd disappeared once again, didn't you?

Well, it's been almost a month. There's lots to report, yet sadly my memory will only be able to pick out the highlights.

Ummmm.....I saw Jimmy Eat World at UVSC a couple weeks back. Anela is doing a news package on the rise in popular concerts at UVSC, so she gets free tickets to shows through BYU and she invited me along as her guest. We got sweet press access. I was able to film one of the songs and watch the show by the stage. JEW played great, as usual, only my experience was tainted by being exposed to all the police brutality. I saw a kid get thrown to the ground and shot by a taser gun. Maybe the kid did something to deserve it, but it seemed pretty senseless to me. I hate the concept of being unfairly punished. Oh well.

a pair of cops with tasers

In attendance was the former Elder Rogers from AZ, who I had not seen since the mission. Kate and her crew were also there. Of course, the Long brothers and PJ/Sandy also came. It was crazy to see JEW playing to such a huge audience. Last time I saw them it was at a small youth center in San Diego back in 2000. How times change.

Halloween weekend was fun. Jen from this summer came out from Livermore, CA to visit. We went to her friend Aubrey's birthday party. I played "Apples to Apples" for the first time and lost badly. After that I went with coworker Kate's roommates, Megan and Heather, to advertising Ashley's costume dance party. It was awesome. We also found our way to the "Birds of Paradise" show at the Provo arts center. They were oddly delightful. It was too bad the show was cut short.

For Halloween a bunch of guys from crew gathered at Percy's parents home in Payson. We had a "bonfire" in an already harvested corn field and ate Polish sausage. That was fun.

For "Dia de los muertos" I went to the BYU party in the Wilk and made a Mexican paper flower with colored tissue paper and pipe cleaner. I gave it to my friend Gabby. No, she's not dead, but I think she liked it anyway. Its fun to hang out with Latinos and Latino wanna-bes. I love how there seem to be more and more real Latinos on campus.

Last Friday Danny hooked me up with a free ticket to the Mens and Womens chorus concert. They were amazing. Highlights for me: a song based off an e.e. cummings poem about God and a Native American piece that blew me away.

Last Saturday was cool. I played remedial basketball in the morning and then went to Nutty Putty.

This past week was pretty awesome. I'm working on my advertising final project with Hunter. The assignment is REI. I finally sold Simon's old ring. That's a relief. This weekend I hung out with Danny and his family up in Ogden. We saw his brother's high school production of "Suessical: the musical." I had to continually remind myself that it was a high school production because it was extremely well done.

In other exciting news, Robbie gave me a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice. Tahitian Noni is the third fastest growing company on the planet. The drink, however, tastes like poop. I'm not saying this to be crude, it just does. If you don't believe me, come over to my place and have a shot. You're invited.
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