sethillama (sethillama) wrote,

one month later

Hello to all who read this journal! I'm not sure how many of your there are left, but I appreciate you coming.

This past month has been a crazy one. I was sick for quite a while and even had to miss school. I actually went to the doctor for it--something that is very new to me. Growing up we didn't go to the doctor just for being sick. I guess I'm just getting older, and I don't fight off those illnesses as quickly as I used to. Meanwhile my foot seems to be healing nicely, but it still gets sore sometimes.

I've been struggling to get caught up with school. It's been an ongoing battle. I've been getting to study some pretty cool things. I am making a concert poster for Café Tacuba and recently got done with a stationary package for CMJ New Music Monthly magazine. It's cool to be able to combine interests with school. I just finished a paper on Nobel-Prize-winning-chilango-poet Octavio Paz. It was pretty cool.

Jamen and I played at the ward talent show (even though I still didn't have my voice back from being sick). The ward seemed to like it. A week later we played for a some girls in our ward in their living room. It went over really well. They even made us a DVD of one of our songs. More performances on the way.
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